Automobile: Second-hand spare parts are still rarely offered by garages

Garages have not yet got into the habit of offering used spare parts to motorists, which are much cheaper than new ones.

This has been an obligation since 2017: garages are obliged to offer certified second-hand parts or at least reconditioned (refurbished) parts to motorists who come to have their car repaired. However, two years after this regulation came into force, many repairers do not comply with it, according to a survey published by the magazine 60 Million Consumers.

Insist with your mechanic

Nearly 300 professionals were contacted for this survey: independent garages such as dealers or bodywork shops affiliated to the brands.the association asked them for an alternator for a Renault Clio III.70% of the professionals thus proposed a reused part, but 68% actually put forward a reconditioned part and 2% a purely second-hand part (which is much cheaper than the other).

In this case, the second-hand coin saves 161 euros, while the reconditioned coin saves only 50 euros compared to a new one, so the magazine of the National Institute of Consumption recommends that you insist on asking your garage to make substantial savings.

A habit to get into

While there is no problem with the availability of second-hand parts, 60 million consumers wonder whether they are well referenced and whether garages can easily access them, which could explain why they are given little prominence.

Furthermore, the use of second-hand or reconditioned parts is not encouraged because there are many exceptions to their use. If the lead times for obtaining this type of part are too long, for example, the repairer can use new parts without asking more questions.

“When the customer makes a claim, he gets a part for reuse. Garages have tools such as software that reference the available parts and allow them to be ordered. But in the big chains in particular, they don’t use them. It’s not a habit,” Fanny Guibert, the author of the survey, told BFMTV.

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