Renault takes full advantage of scrapping bonuses, not PSA in lack of cars

Thank you for the scrap bonuses! Government aid of 3,000 euros (subject to a resource ceiling) accompanied "30% of our sales of new cars in June," said Ivan Segal, Renault's sales director for France."There is a very strong recovery of the market stimulated by salutary aid ", he adds, welcoming that the government" was very quick (in its decisions), while the other European countries will start this aid only in July ".From May 26, Emmanuel Macron enacted a round of bonuses: 7,000 euros for electrics, 2,000 for plug-in hybrids, but above all this essential aid of 3,000 euros for any scrapping of an old vehicle against the purchase of a gasoline or diesel model., new or used (subject to a reference tax income of less than 18,000 euros).A key measure, however limited to 200,000 vehicles.According to data collected by the CNPA (National Council of Automotive Professions ), between 60,000 and 65,000 pri mes had been granted on June 25, or 18% of the total volume of vehicle sales made on that date.

Small market rebound in June

These scrapping bonuses led to a rebound in the French auto market of 1.24% in June with 233,818 new car registrations.This is good news to put into perspective, since June 2020 had two more working days than the same month of 2019.which distorts the statistics.On comparable days, the tricolor market fell by ...8.4% .And the first half remains on the whole catastrophic (decrease of 38.6%) because of the epidemic and the two months In June, the Renault group notably rebounded 6.5% (+ 6.4% for the diamond brand, + 8.1% for Dacia), thanks to small models, such as the Dacia Sandero but also the Clio, Zoé and Captur, sold with government aid.

Posted Date: 2020-07-23

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